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HoSu YongWonHi - Always Keep the Faith!

Because Dance Battles Create Sexual Tension

HoSu YongWonHi
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01. This Community
Welcome to the first community dedicated to the relationship between Kim JunSu and Jung Yunho of the Korean acapella dance group Dong Bang Shin Ki.

I noticed there weren't a lot of HoSu fans out there, so I decided to create this comm in order to lure you all into helping me with my secret plan to take over the world with HoSu love.

Just kidding. But I do want to spread the love. Whether you're a hardcore fan or just someone interested in the relationship between these two boys, you're welcome to join.
02. Contact info
naimu (Sei) // EMAIL // AIM
xiahwase (Line) // EMAIL // AIM
03. Affiliates
Couple Communities
JaeHo . JaeChun . YunChun . YooSu . MinSu . YooMin . HoMin . JaeMin . JaeSu

DongBangShinKi . Yunhoyah
04. Rules
So that everything runs smoothly, there are rules you are required to follow as a member of this community. But they're nothing too difficult to handle, so don't be intimidated.

Posts should be relevant to the subject at hand -- ie the HoSu pairing.

Place large images under a cut.

Place picspams under a cut (one or two teasers allowed).

Type so that people can easily understand you. No sTiCkY cApS. They are annoying, as you can see. And not everyone follows chatspeak, either.

Please be courteous and polite to all members. Contact the mod if you have a problem with another member. Let's keep it peaceful here.

Our advertisement policy and what is allowed goes as follows~

A) mention of what communities you x-post at;
B) directing others to other communities in comments;
C) ad posts so long as you contact the mods first about it and the subject is relevant.


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